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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
All To The Glory of God

John Lesson #13

John Lesson #13


John 4:16-42


The woman at the well was looking for love in all the wrong places. Married and divorced five times, and now living with a man. Greater than her physical thirst which drove her to the well was her emotional thirst which couldn't be quenched by the well of the world. And her soul was spiritually thirsty.


It was a momentous confrontation, because Samaritans were despised by the Jews, and Jesus went out of His way because He said He 'must needs' go to where she was.  If only adults could be as color blind as little children are!


Oh that we could see everyone as part of the one race, the human race, for whom Christ died!

Jesus began a marvelous conversation:

Jesus offered this woman a well springing up into everlasting life so she would never thirst. The first thing this woman says is in v. 15. Give it to me! She doesn't get it yet. She's not yet ready to get saved. Jesus didn't plant the seed of the gospel now into this shallow soil...He waits and cultivates the ground of her heart further so it will be real!

3.     A Meaningful Conviction.
        a.     A penetrating word.

v. 16-18   She was soooo blown away. How could this stranger from far away know this? And it's one thing to think it, but did you just say that out loud? You just dragged the darkness of my sin right into the light!

John 3:19
And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

If I am in a dark room and someone bursts in and throws on the light, there's only one reason I could be ashamed--if I'm doing something wrong in there!  [ever walked in on your kid at the computer and they quickly make a few clicks, rock back in their chair, try to smile thru panicked panting and say, "Hey, what's up?"]


Now, why does Jesus put her in this awkward moment? Because: THERE CAN BE NO CONVERSION WITHOUT CONVICTION!


Jesus died for our SIN, and until we admit we are sinners, there's no need for a Savior! Gospel means good news, and there can be no good news unless there is bad news.


        The gospel is good news because if we aren't saved and on our way to heaven, we are lost and on our way to hell! I crack up at today's modern gospel which has no sin and no hell. Then what are we being saved from?!




The only way to sow the seed of the Word in the soil of the heart is to plow over it with conviction.


We suppress our sin and pack it down like clay and our hearts harden...so we need the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to come along and rough us up and the water of the Word to moisten our dry bones so we can receive the good news!


Jesus asks her to get her husband, knowing full well where the conversation would go.

        This is the exact opposite of what many preachers do today. They don't name sin, and don't go negative...might make people feel badly.


We need to get back to naming sin like Jesus did!


v. 17        "I have no husband." Four little words. She's been pretty lippy up to this point, but no longer. Jesus hit a sore spot, and she's under conviction, sort of, but is telling a half truth to make herself feel better. And we all do this...rationalizing and sugar coating our situation so we can see ourselves in a better light. Romans 3 talks of some who SHOULD be under conviction but they are not. It says, "whose mouths must be stopped." They feel pretty good about themselves and can't be easily corrected. "If there IS a heaven and if ANYONE is going, I am!" Their mouth must be stopped. "I'm no worse than them church people!" Their mouth must be stopped. "I never killed anyone." Their mouth must be stopped. [Ever heard your kid try to cover one lie by telling another which leads to another? "You need to stop talking!"]

        We must address sin directly. DIRECT ADDRESS! We can preach a feel good God all day long and we might build a crowd but no one will be saved.

        a.     A penetrating word.
        b.     An elevating word.
v. 18-19   Very perceptive! 

v. 20        Remember, the Samaritans worshiped other gods on Mt. Gerizim because the Jews wouldn't let them do so in Jerusalem. She is using a diversion...changing the subject. 



v. 21-24   Jesus is revealing her spiritual ignorance. "You don't know how/who to worship, let alone where to worship." And I say, if you don't have a personal relationship with Christ, the least of your worries is where you should go to church.


Jesus is saying, Not all religions can be right. You'd better make sure you are worshiping the one and only, true and living God! He's Father God, His name is Jehovah, the one and only, and I'm gonna hold off for a moment before I let you know that I'm His Son!


Does that sound too narrow a view of God? For everything real there is a counterfeit. Do you say, "Don't be so narrow minded!"

        Since there is a real God, should it surprise us that there are counterfeit Gods? 

v. 25-26   "You're looking at Him!"

This is why we were left here...to introduce people to Jesus! Only Jesus can satisfy their soul, so only Jesus will do.

this meaningful conviction now leads to a...
4.     A Miraculous Conversion.
v. 28-30          That means that she believed on Him! She put her faith in Him and was converted.

She wasn't saved by cleaning up her life / doing good works / wasn't baptized in that well / there wasn't holy water inside it / didn't say a prayer or ask Jesus into her heart. She believed!


And because of her testimony many others believed too!

v. 39        After she met the Christ and believed on Him, the first thing she did was run back to town to get others to come and meet Him too. 


If you were once a lost sinner say 'I was.' If you met the Christ and believed say, 'I did.' If you agree that you ought to introduce others to Him say, 'I should.' And if you commit with God's help to have the boldness to do it this week say, 'I will'. [You can! You can do all things thru Christ!]


We are to be walking billboards, advertising for the living water!