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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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About our Preschool

About Our Preschool

River Rock Preschool provides a Christ-centered environment that is committed to helping you prepare your child for kindergarten.
At River Rock Preschool, we aim to fill our days with as much fun and learning as possible as well as to create a Christ centered environment for young children that is inviting and full of excitement and education.
River Rock Preschool is a learning Parents Day Out for children 1 year and walking-5 years old. The PDO meets Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/ Wednesday 8:00-2:00. PDO combines the elements of faith, family, fun, and learning. The children will be involved in activities such as crafts, free play, singing, science, chapel, and outdoor play (weather permitting). They also learn all about letters, numbers, and colors.